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Tala & Rateb’s Destination Wedding | Help Beach & Yacht Club, Fethiye

Hello to everyone!

The most different wedding I attended this year as a photographer was Tala & Rateb's beach wedding at Fethiye Help Beach & Yacht Club. This wedding was an incredibly beneficial experience for me as the second photographer to support Ufuk Sarışen, the pioneer of documentary wedding photography in our country. I had the opportunity to both express myself in an international environment and learn a lot.

So why did our Lebanese couple living in Dubai Tala & Rateb decide to get married in Fethiye? The answer to this question lies in the definition of the term Destination Wedding.

The rest of the article is under the photos ...

Destination Wedding can be defined briefly as follows; 'Wedding and holiday together'. Sounds good right? If we explain the definition a little, we can say that it is a stress-free, fun and holiday-oriented wedding style that you will do with your family and loved ones in any country you wish. Fethiye is one of the favorite Destination Wedding locations in our country.

We started shooting in preparation and continued at the wedding venue after sunset. It was great to be a photographer at such a wedding and to experience the unique wedding traditions and entertainment of the Lebanese.

I wish Tala & Rateb happiness and I wish myself more international wedding experiences :)

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