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Ruth & Ulaş’s Destination Wedding | Dalyan Bungalow, Ortaca, Muğla

Hello to everyone!

I would like to tell the story of a wedding that I shot at the beginning of the 2022 wedding season and which has a great meaning for me.

Ruth and Ulas reached out to me through my website. I can say that we have warmed to each other since our first meeting. Before the wedding, we decided to make a couple shoot in the historical Izmir Kemeraltı Bazaar. This attraction allowed us to both get to know each other better. Honestly it was a great experience for me! Before moving on to the wedding photos, I want to start with a few shots from this shoot.

Ulaş moved to San Diego from our country for his master's program and met Ruth there on their mutual friend's birthday. The story of their meeting is both very romantic and interesting at the same time. According to our heroes' own narratives; Ruth was amazed by Ulaş's warm and friendly nature. She dreamed of Ulaş the same week. While washing dishes in her dream, Ulaş hugs her from behind and the light filtering through the window covers the whole room. Just like a movie scene, right?

The rest of the article is under the photos…

Ruth is very impressed. The next time they met, she hugged Ulaş and told him about his dream. Then, on their first date, they went to picnic at sunset and chatted until they fell asleep on the sand. This meeting lasted exactly 9 hours.

Since then they have never been apart. They are always traveling together, embarking on new adventures and dreaming big...

Let's get to the wedding ceremony...

When our couple came to Turkey for a holiday, they decided to have their wedding here. After a small wedding ceremony between family and close friends, they planned a friendly and entertaining after-party. As the venue, they chose Dalyan Bungalow, which is located on the banks of the Dalyan River in Muğla and is an extremely warm environment. As you can see in the photos above, we made a wonderful couple shoot in the ancient city of Kaunos the day before the wedding. It's really hard not to admire the strong bond of love and endless energy between Ruth and Ulaş.

The wedding was performed by a shaman, who was also Ulaş's best friend. Of course, this makes the ceremony much more meaningful. Before the ceremony began, all guests poured their best wishes for the couple into a large wine glass. Ruth walked to the ceremony area with her closest friends, and Ulaş with her parents. The same excitement and happiness could be seen in the eyes of all the guests. Of course, we can add a sense of curiosity to these feelings. I wonder what what was waiting for us in this ceremony full of various rituals?

The rest of the article is under the photos…

After our couple read their vows to each other, they made each other drink the wine that was filled in that huge glass. They threw stones into the river for their wishes. Then the goblet was wrapped in a piece of cloth, placed under Ulaş's feet to break it, and that voice that came in unison: Mazel Tov!

They went to their rooms to spend the first 8 minutes of their marriage alone, running with applause among the guests. I like to record such rituals no matter what culture and belief they belong to. Because the most natural moments that make every wedding unique come out during these rituals.

As I conclude, I leave you with a sincere thank you note from Ruth and Ulaş and the rest of the photos. Thank you so much if you came this far and liked my story. Take care of yourselves!


“We cannot thank you enough, you were friendly like we have known you for a long time. You were sweet, excited and artisticly curious. You captured the energy of a whole weekend, everytime we look at the pictures, we get the same amazing feeling. You have approached it with an unmatched art, giving us not only memories we can reminisce, but a story we can relive.” Ruth & Ulaş.

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